Here it is - up front and out in the open:
This is a plea for money.

Read the Why, Who, What, Where, and How below...

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GuideStar platinum-135x135The Internal Revenue Service has recognized the
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
® of Nevada, Inc. as a
Tax-Exempt, Non-Profit Charity 

under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code.
Donations to our Association are tax deductible.
EIN: 27-4286338  Determination Letter of 19MAY2015

    Why: Sometimes, Veterans need a little help to get back on their feet or with unforeseen expenses.

    Who: We are Veterans and our mission is to help fellow Veterans.

    What: In addition to donations made on this page, we hold fund-raising events during the year.

    Where: Money collected supports Veterans in the Clark and Southern Nye County area.

    How: We use PayPal to handle donations made by credit or debit cards. They provide a secure way to handle your transactions. You may also send a check.


    We understand what it means to go to war and come home again.

    We know the pain, anguish, suffering, depression, hunger, survivor's guilt and detachment that comes from seeing what we have seen and being away from home and loved ones.

    We have lost comrades and been to (or near) the bottom. However, we have had the support of our friends and families to bring us back from the brink.

    And now, we want to help our sisters and brothers who have worn the uniform of the United States military return to society with some sense of normality.

    We want to help those veterans who are trying to start again or have unforeseen critical expenses.

    We need your money to do this.

      Who are we?

    We are American Veterans and we are Nevadans.
    We were born here.
    We went to school here.
    We moved here.
    We live and work here.
    We retired here.
    We have ties to this community.
    We are your neighbors, friends, customers, classmates, co-workers.

     What we do...

    During the peak riding season, we hold one or two fund-raising events in the greater Las Vegas area. These could be Poker Runs, Car Washes, Bike Nights, Show & Shine contests, bike raffles. In 2017, we are looking to use the money we raise to help veterans through one internal and just a select few external programs. These programs are, themselves, non-profit groups dedicated to helping veterans.
    You should know that our Officers receive no compensation and our administrative costs consist of requires NV Secretary of State filings, a few stamps and some printing costs for events. In FY 2017, 91% of the money we raised went to Veterans

    Where is the money spent?

    Our primary area of concern is the veteran population in Clark and Southern Nye counties.
    This is our home.
    We want to help our brothers and sisters here.

    Our primary focus for 2017 is our Wheels4Warriors program. With sponsorship for a used-but serviceable motorcycle, protective equipment, insurance and fuel, we found a Veteran who needs “Cycle Therapy” and got him out on the road. Please click the link above for more information.

    A secondary focus will be Michael's Angle Paws.This non-profit organization provides certified Service Dogs, trained to American Disability Act (ADA) standards. Funds raised for this project go towards providing a Service Dog to a Veteran in the greater Las Vegas area. This is a year-long (minimum) training program that creates a human/canine team that will improve the quality of life for both Veteran and Dog.

    Our internal administrative expenses are paid for through our Chapter Dues.

We need your money to do this.

     How can you donate?

    As a Charitable Non-Profit, we sought advice concerning transparency in our financial affairs. Nevada State Bank is our bank and they check in regularly to keep us on track.
    Additionally, they have provided guidance on the best way to ensure our on-line donations are not consumed by fees and remain secure. Upon their recommendation, we are using PayPal for donations.


Click below to go to PayPal to make your secure donation:

    At many rides and events, select Members will have a PayPal card reader for your convenience. This permits a secure transaction anywhere there is a cell signal!


    Of course, we accept checks payable to:
    Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® of NV, Inc.
    5112 Silhouette Ave
    Las Vegas 89142


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