This is the latest Chain of Command from National to our Chapter. 
What does this mean? It means that if you have an issue, you start at the lowest level and work up. We start at the lowest level, trying to keep what we can, in house. If you cannot get resolution, go to the XO, then the Commander, then the State Representative, then the Regional Representative  and finally to the NBOD. 
Do not jump the chain. The NBOD has said they will send you home to start over.

National PresidentMatt MUTT Jones
National Vice-PresidentChristopher LUNCHBOX Aker
National TreasurerCharles CANUCK Peloquin
National  SecretaryBrad BERGIE Berglund
National Sergeant-At-ArmsGary COOLSHOT Lujan
National  Public Relations OfficerScott HULK Harris
– National Staff Appointee: National ChaplainMax PREACHERMAN Waugh
Region IX Representative (California, Hawaii & Nevada):Adren TONTO Kela
Nevada State RepresentativeDavid EYEGUY Wahl
Nevada State Sergeant At ArmsJason BRONCO Herlong
Nevada State QuartermasterStephen FIRST SHIRT Pitman
Chapter 41-1 Officers As of 14 October 2021
Chapter CommanderAlan ROCKET Timbol
Executive OfficerRobert H BADGER Eikenhorst
TreasurerJoshua CRAZY LEGS Fields
SecretaryJames HOWIE Northup
Sergeant at ArmsEric 12 O’CLOCK Shingleton
Public RelationsRoger DOC Loesch
Chapter Staff Appointees
Road CaptainDavid MAGNET Schalles
Tail GunnerVacant
ChaplainPatric ROADKILL Moore, Steven SCUBA STEVE Chambers
New Member CoordinatorsStephen FIRST SHIRT Pitman (Pahrump) and Robert H BADGER Eikenhorst (Las Vegas)
WebmasterDavid DR. STRANGE Coens