The Application Window is OPEN for our 11th Wheels4Warriors motorcycle.

This program is ONLY for Veterans in the greater Las Vegas NV area.
Those who ride know how good motorcycling is for the soul. Riding requires total focus, situational awareness, keeps your head on a swivel. When we ride, many of the things that weigh so heavily on our minds slip away for a moment, permitting us to concentrate on the riding. After the ride is over, we may find the clarity to focus on other challenges and sometimes find pathways to solutions.

This is what Wheels 4 Warriors is all about

Matching a suitable Veteran with what s/he needs to become a motorcyclist, or help a former rider return to the sport.
To be considered for this program, candidates complete an Application, scan and send it to us. You will participate in an interview with Chapter members. If accepted, the Veteran receives Nevada-required license training if necessary, a used but serviceable motorcycle, protective gear, insurance and registration for one year and a fuel card. The Veteran provides the time, effort, attitude and desire to do some cycle therapy, at first with a Mentor, then with a group and finally solo.

In October 2023, we presented our 10th motorcycle. If you know of a serviceable bike, or one that can be made serviceable with a little work, please reach out to us. Obviously, we will need your financial support to make this happen. On our Donate page, indicate that your tax-deductible gift is designated for Wheels 4 Warriors.

Sponsorship is best way to help us succeed. Please contact our Treasurer here. Thank you

Do you know a veteran in the greater Las Vegas area who could use a motorcycle to help get their head on straight? 
If so, send us a message and we will reach out to them.

Please contact us if you wish more information.